We've prepared this FAQ to answer any questions you might have about booking a table or a party at our café.

Do I Need To Book?

We have five tables in our new bar area that are not bookable, which means you have more chance of finding a seat. We do get very busy though, especially on Friday and Saturday evenings, so if you want to be guaranteed a spot, we would always recommend booking in advance.

We mostly have tables for two and four people so if there are more than four of you it is always advisable to book in advance.

Parties of five or six people are likely to be seated in our Map Room downstairs. If you want to request a table upstairs please let us know in advance. We always try to accommodate special requests but they can not be guaranteed.

How Do I Book?

By far the easiest way to book is online. You'll need a debit card to complete your booking so please be prepared to enter your details online. We only take your card details to confirm the booking you are making; they are not stored by us for future use.

If you need any help booking please feel free to contact us but please note that we are unable to take bookings via email. This is because we need to take card details to confirm all bookings.

Do I Need To Pay A Deposit?

If you are booking for up to 6 people, we do not take a deposit. We store your card details because there is a £10 per person no-show fee for people who do not cancel in advance and do not show up.

A £70 deposit is required to confirm bookings for groups of 7-12 people and a £150 deposit for groups of 13-25. Your deposit will be redeemed against your bill on the evening.

Larger Groups

If you are booking for 7-12 people, it is likely that we'll give you private use of our Foreign Office, which has a £70 minimum spend. You should still be able to check availability and book online.

For bookings for 13-25 people, we'll give you exclusive use of our downstairs rooms, which have a minimum spend of £150.  Please contact us directly to check availability and to book to book.

It is our policy not to take bookings for Stag and Hen Do's. We reserve the right to refuse entry to stag and hen parties.

How Long Do I Have My Table For?

Standard bookings are for 85 minutes, which means you'll have your table for just under an hour and a half. 

At peak times, it is likely that your table will be booked by someone else straight after you. For this reason, we respectfully ask for your table back no later than 90 minutes after your booking starts (which is the time you booked for and not when you arrive). This also means that we may be unable to seat you immediately if you arrive early for your booking.

We try to make the process as seamless as possible and would be grateful for your help by keeping an eye on the time and making sure you allow yourselves plenty of time to finish your drinks before the end of your booking.

Can I Have My Table For Longer?

If you know you need your table for slightly longer than 90 minutes please contact us directly at the café to check availability. If possible we may extend your booking by up to an extra 30 minutes. Any further extensions can be looked at on the actual day. We will always try to accommodate where possible but please bear in mind this might mean moving tables to allow you to stay on.

Sequential bookings made online by the same group in order to extend a visit are not permitted. Any additional bookings will be cancelled automatically by us.

Can We Have The Space for the Evening?

We can accommodate groups of up to 25 people in our downstairs rooms, which you'll have use of from 6pm to 10pm (on Wednesdays and Thursdays) or from 7pm to 11pm (on Fridays and Saturdays). There is no hire charge but we do ask for a minimum spend of £500 (Sunday to Thursday) and £600 (Friday to Saturday).

If you don't reach the minimum spend, we'll add the difference to your bill on the night. Fear not! All the food and drink purchases made by you and your guests will contribute to your minimum spend. In our experience this is quickly reached! 

Minimum Spends

Number of People


Standard 1.5 Hour Booking

>2-Hour Booking

Sun-Thu / Fri-Sat


Main Café, Map Room or Foreign Office

No Min Spend



Foreign Office




Map Room and Foreign Office



Do I Have to Send a Pre-Order?

For groups of 13 or more we'll need to take an order from you for food and drink at least one week in advance so it's ready for your arrival on the night.

It's important that we receive a pre-order for at least one or two drinks per person. This enables us to provide you with the best service and ensures your guests aren't waiting too long for a drink when they arrive.

Download our current pre-order form here.

You might decide to pre-order enough food and drink to meet the minimum spend. Or you might prefer to cover the food plus the first round or two of drinks. Your guests can then order and pay for their own drinks for the rest of the evening.

Party Buffet

Can We Decorate the Room?

We're happy for you to come in a bit earlier on the day to drop off decorations provided there are no other bookings before yours. We're happy for you to bring your own decorations but we just ask that nothing is attached to our walls, paintwork or furniture. We also ask that no table confetti or sprinkles are brought into the building because they get everywhere!

What If We Can't Make It?

If your booking is for up to 6 people, we need you to cancel at least three hours in advance. Cancellations made less than three hours in advance will incur a £10 per person cancellation (or no-show) fee.

Bookings for 7-12 people in our Foreign Office can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 in advance.

Bookings for 13-25 people in our downstairs rooms can be cancelled free of charge up to one week in advance.

Deposits & Cancellation Fees

Number of People



Cancellation Charges


Main Café, Map Room or Foreign Office

No Deposit - Card Guarantee

Up to 3hr in Advance Direct = No Charge
Less than 3hr in Advance = £10 per person


Foreign Office

£70 Flat Deposit

Up to 24hrs in Advance = No Charge
Less than 24hrs in Advance = 100% cancellation


Map Room and Foreign Office

£150 Flat Deposit

Up to One Week In Advance = No Charge

Less than One Week in Advance = 100%


The Small Print

Please make sure you read this important information before you book

Your booking is not confirmed until we have either taken your card details as security for groups of up to 6 or taken a deposit payment for groups of 7 or more. If you do not provide your card details at the time of booking you will be sent an email asking you to enter card details within 48 hours. If after this time you have not provided your details, your booking will auto-cancel. After this point, it may not be possible to re-book at your preferred date and time so please make sure your complete your booking promptly.
Reservations for our downstairs space may only be held provisionally for 14 days after your event has been ‘pencilled in’. If we have still not heard back from you with a deposit payment after this time, we will presume that you no longer require the space and may offer it to another party. In such instances we will not be required to contact you to let you know that your option has lapsed.
If we are unable to honour your booking due to events beyond our control, we will not be liable for any losses incurred as a result of the booking cancellation. In such instances, as far as reasonably possible, we will endeavour to return your deposit payment to you.
At no point must your group size exceed 25 people.
With the exception of assistance dogs, animals are not allowed in the Café or its Offices.
You must confirm final numbers, food and drink packages and dietary requirements to us no later than 7 days prior to your event. If after this time your plans or numbers change you may still be charged in part or in whole for the services you have requested. We may not be able to fulfil requests made within 72 hours of your booking.
You are responsible for the behaviour of the people in your party. Drug use and/or drunken or abusive behaviour will result in the immediate termination of your event. The decision to do so is that of the Cabinet Rooms staff member managing the shift and will not be up for discussion. No refunds will be made for any food or drink not consumed as a result of early termination of your event. You will be expected to settle your bill and vacate the premises immediately. You may be required to compensate Cabinet Rooms for any damages, breakages or thefts to property during your booking. With no exception, any contraventions of this condition will be reported to the authorities and local Pub Watch scheme and may lead to further action being taken.
If you wish to bring in your own alcohol or food, corkage charges will apply. Alcohol must be delivered in advance of your event to be checked by Cabinet Rooms staff. We reserve the right to limit the amount and type of alcohol consumed during your event. All drinks with an ABV of 17% or more must be purchased from Cabinet Rooms.
Please enquire about charges for use of our projector and screen. If you would like to show a film to your guests, please let us know in advance which film you would like to show and we will let you know if it is permitted under our current license. We are unable to source films for you. Under no circumstances is it allowed to show films of an inappropriate, illegal or criminal nature or conduct any screenings that may damage Cabinet Rooms’ reputation or image.
You are welcome to play your own music using a blue tooth connection to our sound systems. Music must be kept at a reasonable level and not interfere with the enjoyment of guests in the main Café or other event space. Music must be turned off promptly at 11pm.
Free guest wi-fi is available throughout the building. Please note that mobile phone coverage varies throughout the building depending on your network provider. We strongly recommend visiting the rooms in advance of confirming your booking to ensure that coverage is sufficient for your needs. Cabinet Rooms is not responsible for the mobile phone or wi-fi coverage at the time of your event.
Your deposit will be redeemed against your bill on the day/evening of your party and will contribute towards any minimum spend. If your actual bill is lower than the minimum spend agreed, you will be charged a supplement to the value of the difference between your purchases and the minimum spend.


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